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Handcrafted British Tribute Cheeses from Wisconsin
Directly from our Family Dairy Farm and Cheese Factory in Marathon County to your table.
" A Single Farm Cheese " Enjoy!

-- The Bredl Family

StarK Cholov Yisroel Certified Kosher Cheese:
inquire for availability

All varieties available in the following formats: 40# block, 5# loaf or 1# block

Cheddar - Kosher for Passover

Havarti - Kosher for Passover

Low moisture part skim Mozzarella

Whole milk Pizza cheese


All around favorite, mild, milky satisfying cheese.

Montery Jack with Jalapenos
Traditional favorite with red and green Jalapeno Peppers. The curdy texture and peppery kick will leave you wanting more - a long standing favorite. Try it cubed and briefly microwaved as a snack or melt on a burger or your favorite vegetable. WOW!

Kidwelly Castle - British version of Parmesan
Aged 1 year plus - creamy whole milk cousin of Parmesan, aged a minimum of one year, with nutty flavor notes. Shred on pastas and veggies or just nibble with a red wine - delicious!

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